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Pure New Zealand Spring Water



Moving, cracking, shaking.
Carving out the shape of Aotearoa, sixty five million years ago.
Rain hitting the Mamaku plateau, forcing its way, deep underground.
A journey through volcanic rock, through sand, stone and pumice.

Emerging, pure.

The blue spring, Te Waihou, its home this is the story of Voyage water.
A force of nature to savour.

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Voyage Sparkling


Lightly carbonated, creating an elegant mouth feel and freshness on the palette

Voyage Still


Soft and textual, with stony, silica-like minerality. Subtle & Smooth


Cradle to Cradle™

We are actively engaged with a sustainability consultancy to gain Cradle to Cradle™ accreditation.

Cradle to Cradle™ forensically audits the environmental impact of the materials used, including their reutilisation, and takes account of renewable energy sources and carbon management.

Water stewardship is also examined and is a critical part of how we manage our operations.

Finally, Cradle to Cradle™ looks into the brand’s social impact and responsibility before granting its certification. Meaning Voyage water can demonstrate it meets the world’s highest standard for sustainability.

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